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In anticipation of opening its first store in Massachusetts, &pizza's CEO wanted &pizza to be different from other chain store; he wanted the brand and the space to have authenticity, to be built for the Harvard Square community. And what better way to do that than to establish yourself as the pizza provider for Harvard student clubs and events?

For &pizza x Milk Bar's store opening, we staffed the event with brand ambassadors, a DJ, and a tattoo artist. Leading up to the event, we generated excitement amongst the student body through promotional activities and emails to our exclusive mailing list with all Harvard students' emails. On the actual day, the line to the store stretched down Massachusetts Ave! Check out the opening day video on our Milk Bar page! After the opening, we handled the planning and delivery of &pizza "pizza bombs," aka surprise free pizza deliveries, to various clubs and events across Harvard's campus as well as some other fun projects shown below.

But the fun isn't over! After our 5-month contract ended, &pizza wanted to extend our partnership and continue discussing more ways to integrate &pizza into the community.
With our close relationship with Harvard Athletics, we were able to arrange for &pizza to be the food provider at a couple Harvard Athletics events. To get the word around, we distributed tickets, merchandise, and fliers for the events at all Harvard dining halls! &pizza got more exposure to the Harvard community, Harvard Athletics attracted more people to their games with the free food; we love win-win situations!
During Harvard's admission weekend for admitted incoming freshmen, Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) hosted a large open house where all four floors of the HSA office building were filled with free merchandise, activities, and food. Approximately half of the admitted students attended! We were able to arrange for &pizza to set up tables at this event and distribute coupons customized for the visiting pre-frosh in order for &pizza to establish itself as the pizza source in Harvard Square early on in the students' Harvard career.

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