Milk Bar, hoping to open a store in Harvard Square, enlisted our expertise regarding the location and the demographic to establish its brand presence on Harvard’s college campus and in Harvard Square. After providing Milk Bar with unique insights on the area, we helped to conduct a local focus group, publicize a student focused e-promotion, and provide *cookie fairies* to hand deliver Milk Bar products to hungry students in various locations on campus as motivation for their finals! We also staffed brand ambassadors for the Milk Bar and &Pizza store opening.

Keep scrolling to see some of what we did with Milk Bar!
MIlkbar + &Pizza Harvard square store opening

Focus Group at Harvard Student Agencies

Leading up to their grand opening, Milk Bar wanted to have a series of focus groups in Harvard Square. We helped fulfill their demands by providing them with the Harvard Student Agencies office space to conduct this.

Finals Week: Free Cookies To The Rescue!

During Harvard's Reading Period and Finals Week, we organized a group of "cookie fairies" brand ambassadors and accessed student-only zones to surprise hungry students cramming for their exams and stressing on their final papers with free Milk Bar cookies.

Milk Bar Cookie Fairies

We helped Milk Bar organize brand ambassadors (aka cookie fairies) to distribute cookies and flyers throughout Harvard Square a few days before the grand opening to generate excitement for the big day! People loved the kind gesture and couldn’t wait for the day they could buy them in the Square!

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