We are the marketing agency of Harvard Student Agencies (HSA). As the largest student-run company in the world, HSA compiles the brightest minds that Harvard has to offer and throws them headfirst into the world of business.

So what does Studio 67 do? In simple terms, we provide key marketing insight into one of the most sought-after demographics: consumers between the ages of 16 to 25, and especially college students nationwide. After all, we are part of that very demographic. Because we have a Gen Z outlook, a creative focus, and access to a pool of uniquely talented, influential people, we win where others don’t even play. We're Studio 67—let us introduce you to the next generation.
Hannah Phan
Jack Kelly
Head of Business Development
Mina Lee
Head of Partnerships
Marwa Albaadani
Head of Operations
Katie Nguyen
Design Advisor
the 67 EDGE
1. We focus on consumers ages 16 - 25.
In targeting our marketing, we ensure the campaign—from its language to its interactions with consumers—not only reaches but also resonates with consumers in the 16-25 age group.
2. We understand the millennial and Gen-Z market because we are this market.

No need for heavy research on the market. We can deliver successful marketing campaigns while cutting down time and costs for our clients.
3. We go places others can’t.

With our student-access to college digital channels, campus affiliates-only buildings, and multiple college mailing lists, we can give our clients a real voice and a real impact on college campuses.
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