We are the marketing agency of Harvard Student Agencies (HSA). As the largest student-run company in the world, HSA compiles the brightest minds that Harvard has to offer and throws them headfirst into the world of business.

So what does Studio 67 do? In simple terms, we provide key marketing insight into one of the most sought-after demographics: consumers between the ages of 16 to 25, and especially college students nationwide. After all, we are part of that very demographic. Because we have a Gen Z outlook, a creative focus, and access to a pool of uniquely talented, influential people, we win where others don’t even play. We're Studio 67—let us introduce you to the next generation.
Hannah Phan
When she’s not running Studio 67, Hannah likes to exclusively drink sparkling water and climb onto the roofs of old buildings. Sometimes at the same time.
Jack Kelly
Head of Business Development
Can be found listening to podcasts. Allegedly resembles a young Socrates.
Mina Lee
Head of Partnerships
Usually in a heavily-caffeinated state and searching for dogs around campus (when she’s not on the job as our amazing Head of Partnerships, of course).
Marwa Albaadani
Head of Operations
Likes to read about psychology and watch the first half of TV series but never finish them. Just typical Computer Science and Philosophy major things.
Katie Nguyen
Design Advisor
Has lived most of her life in Elk Grove, CA—a town that’s younger than her by just one day! Enjoys thrifting, watching and rewatching historical fiction TV, and shopping for groceries.
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