Studio Spotlight: Nick Bunn

July 12, 2018

How to Stay Motivated While You’re Juggling The World

Team Profile: Nick Bunn- Chief Executive Officer

I may not be incredible at one thing, but I do a lot of things quite adequately. I am a NCAA water polo player, a full-time Harvard student, a playwright, a delivery man - and as of this past December - a CEO. I’ve found that I enjoy keeping busy and being a part of a wide range of activities.  This versatility has been a huge benefit as we’ve started Studio 67, juggling a growing business as I’ve juggled my life. While there are many changing aspects, one constant in them all has been finding and maintaining motivation. With this in mind, here are some tips I’ve learned regarding the role of motivation in one's career path.

Don’t Drown In The Tide.

In the increasingly competitive world we live in, people make huge decisions about their lives on the basis of what they think they are supposed to do instead of what they truly want to do. These impressions often stem from severe external pressures to flow with the tide. From my experience, maintaining motivation at work or in life relies on finding and keeping an independent vision.

Don’t be afraid to branch out if it’s what you feel is right. It’s your life. Maybe you’ll start a food truck, join the circus, or work in Investment-banking; just make sure you want to do that because it’ll really help.

Love Yourz

It’s quite easy to get caught up in societal ideals of money, fame, or success. J. Cole speaks to this in the intro to his song “Love Yourz” where he says: “There’s a man who has a billion  dollars, everything we think we need to be happy, but yet this dude is miserable. What don’t he got? Love.”

I’ve always found that my passions guide me rather than material goals. When you’re doing something you care about, something you’re fully invested into, that is where great work is born. You’re excited to get started, you’re excited when it gets tough, and you’re happy throughout the journey. Finding your passions and continually finding ways to integrate them into your life is a way to ensure you’ll find motivation.

Find Your “Raw Meat”

There might be difficult moments when you’ll need a little added motivation. This sentiment is about finding a constant small reminder to keep pushing you. An idea, a saying, a symbol that will keep you focused, to keep going. Mine is “Raw Meat”, inspired by my high school athletics director. It’s a short message but its meaning is simple. It means to stay hungry. You have animals that eat raw meat because they are hungry. Mine is just an example, but find something small to keep you together, and keep you motivated.

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