The Unofficial Guide to Harvard
The Unofficial Guide to Harvard (UGH) is the hilarious and memorable printed guide to the important parts of Harvard, distributed to all Harvard freshmen in the fall each year.

Inside the Unofficial Guide to Harvard, we integrate print advertisements from partnered clients alongside the useful and comedic tips for students. New students read this book looking to get insights and knowledge, so this provides a natural promotional experience where new students become aware of  businesses without feeling that the advertisements are disingenuous. Many freshmen keep this high-quality, color guide and reference the ads and tips throughout their entire Harvard career.

Starting 2019, by participating in UGH, clients will also be featured in our digital version of the book published on! With UGH online, all students can access the book anywhere and at any point in their college careers.
"The Great Mexican Food Battle," "Five Ways to Fight Off the Freshman 15." "Come Here When You Need Random Shit," "Top 5 Date Spots," — these are just some names of the amazing sections in this guidebook. And now, it's online! Studio 67 is making sure acquiring vital Harvard information is now more environmentally-friendly and easily-accessible!