harvard student agencies

branding / photography / graphic design / videography / social media content
We launched a comprehensive campaign to boost corporate recruiting numbers for Harvard Student Agencies.

Harvard Student Agencies came to Studio 67 during their annual corporate recruiting period looking for ways to attract more students to apply for jobs.


Our team developed a three-pronged strategy to reach two different audiences, incoming freshmen seeking internships and upperclassmen seeking meaningful job opportunities. To sway the incoming freshmen, we decided to appeal to popular culture, namely The Office, a hit TV show. This video conveys the friendly, fun atmosphere of HSA. To reach older students who were looking for an established company with an impressive impact, we created the Why HSA video which communicates the professional value of a job at HSA. Additionally, we held a photoshoot of HSA employees to create content for a social media campaign. The photos convey the fun, family-like environment of the company, and appeal to both audiences.

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